Aston Villa’s Pepe Reina: I think I had coronavirus

Spanish goalie Pepe Reina is currently on the books at Aston Villa.

This week, Reina has spoken to Spanish outlet Cadena Cope about what’s going on during the coronavirus outbreak in England.

Reina revealed that he believes he contracted Covid-19 last week, although he wasn’t actually tested. The Aston Villa keeper said:

Last week I had all the symptoms of coronavirus.

They were difficult days. I took every kind of precaution so as not to infect those who live with me. 

Here (England), tests are only done if you’re very bad. Talking to the doctors, the symptoms I’ve had seem to be (coronavirus). But that’s without official confirmation, although everything pointed to it.

Now I am fine, but it was hard. It felt like a truck had run me over.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @PReina25 pasa el confinamiento en casa en Reino Unido y anoche hablamos con el en @partidazocope

🦠 “Esta semana me ha tocado pasar ‘el bicho’”

👏 “Los que tienen coj…son los que viven en un piso de 70 metros con tres niños”

— El Partidazo de COPE (@partidazocope) March 24, 2020


Pepe Reina: I’m privileged, unlike parents in a small flat with kids

The Aston Villa goalie was also keen to empathise with those who are suffering during coronavirus quarantine. He said:

We are privileged players, it is easy for me to remain in isolation.

People who really have cojones are those who live in a 70 square meter apartment with three children. They are heroes.


Aston Villa keeper on his quarantine

Reina discussed what his life is like during Covid-19 quarantine:

We have a garden at home, we have a big house. It is much more bearable.

We live on a closed street with only four or five more neighbours, so we have some freedom of movement.

We can do physical activity without problem.


Is Pepe Reina following news in Spain?

Cadena Copa also asked Reina if he’s tracking the news about the spread of the virus in Spain. He replied:

I follow everything that happens both in Spain and in Italy. It’s difficult times and we are all worried.

What touches me most is seeing people dying without even being able to see their family one last time.

🧤 @PReina25, portero del @AVFCOfficial, en @partidazocope:

🗞️ “Es imposible desconectar. Sigo mucho más la actualidad española o italiana que la inglesa, incluso”

😥 “Tengo mucha gente cercana y te interesa saber qué pasa y las decisiones que toman”

📻 #PartidazoCOPE

— El Partidazo de COPE (@partidazocope) March 23, 2020


When football should restart?

Finally, the Aston Villa goalie was asked to gaze into the future for his thoughts on when football should restart.

Reina, however, felt that talking about such timelines right now is the wrong thing to do. He said:

We have to respect all the safety rules that have been given to us, only in this way will we be able to get out of this.

Football is secondary at the moment. I don’t care when we return to the field.

What matters is health. I understand that there are great economic interests at stake, but it is the same in all sectors.

It makes no sense to play without crowds, but in any case, it is essential that we only go back to playing when we’re guaranteed to do so safely.

🧤 @PReina25, portero del @AVFCOfficial, en @partidazocope:

🧻 “Con el tema del papel higiénico me río… Parece que la gente no cocina”

🦠 “Esta semana me ha tocado pasar ‘el bicho’… tos seca, fiebre, dificultad para respirar…”

📻 #PartidazoCOPE

— El Partidazo de COPE (@partidazocope) March 23, 2020


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