Javier Mascherano calls Leo Messi an alien

Former Argentina international captain Javier Mascherano has spoken to local radio station Cielosports.

Now 35, Javier Mascherano is currently back in Argentina playing for Estudiantes.

After a long career in Europe playing for West Ham, Liverpool and Barcelona, Mascherano spent one season in China with Hebei China Fortune.

Mascherano discussed a range of issues during his Cielosports interview (as reported in Ole), including a chat about Leo Messi in which he compared the icon to an alien:

Whenever I speak about Leo I say the same thing.

In football there is decision making and execution. Most players make good decisions, but they do not execute it in the best way or the other way around.

(Messsi), normally, does both things well. And at the speed with which he plays. That is why it is different.

Also, Leo knows how to impact a game. That allows him, within a match, to have seven, eight or ten important touches. That is his ability – to dominate the game.

Normally, the game dominates us all. It takes you. You perform different actions because it makes you react.

But in the case of Leo, it is the other way around: he decides what to do or what not to do with the game. That is why he is from another planet.

Mascherano also revealed that he’s not spoken to Messi for a while:

I haven’t spoken to Leo recently, we haven’t done so in a while. But hey, the situation is worse there (in Spain) than here (Argentina).


Mascherano fears Covid-19 crisis could end his career

Mascherano’s contract at Estudiantes expires in June 2021.

Like most of the world, Argentine football is currently suspended due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

For Mascherano, he’s fully aware that the spread of the coronavirus could end up shortening his football career. He said:

The coronavirus will test me. Although not only me, but everyone.

Today I am not considering anything because I do not know what will happen.

I don’t know how easy or difficult it is to come back after three or four months without playing, but my intention is to keep doing it.

I have no regrets over my career. My failures and successes were what I had. I had no more.

I do not regret any decision I made, because I gave everything I had to living life to the fullest, giving 100%.

If my career was not better, it was because things were not within my control.

#EDLP Javier Mascherano al aire 🔴 de @cielosports 🎙️: “Hoy no me planteo absolutamente nada porque sería ridículo. En mi cabeza quiero jugar a la pelota ⚽️, tengo la ilusión de seguir jugando un rato más ⏩”. pic.twitter.com/IrIK3dVaJW

— Tomás Martín Yaques (@TomasYaques) April 13, 2020


Mascherano tried reaching out to Pep Guardiola

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has lost his mother to the coronavirus.

Mascherano confirmed that he sent a message to the Barcelona legend:

I could not speak directly with Pep, but I did with Manel Estiarte, who is his right hand. Through him I sent him my condolences.

This is a disease that does not discriminate. It shows how insignificant we are in the world.

In this situation, everything is relative.


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