Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund & the Newcastle United takeover

Newcastle United fans remain patient.

The Premier League are currently combing over all the documents regarding the possible takeover of Newcastle United by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund.

The Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, joined by Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers, appears to be on the verge of a 300 million pound takeover at St James’ Park.

If the takeover is completed, the Saudis are expected to acquire an 80% stake at Newcastle.


Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancé, Hatice Cengiz, ramps up legal efforts to stop NUFC takeover

One of the main criticisms of the Newcastle takeover is that it would help sportswash the international reputation of the Saudis.

Within that context, Hatice Cengiz, the fiancé of the murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, has become one of the leading voices pressuring the Premier League to stop the Saudi takeover.

Hatice Cengiz has previously posted the following statement on social media:

UK authorities and the Premier League should not allow someone like Bin Salman, who has yet to face any accountability for the murder of my late fiance, to be so involved in sports in the UK.

Doing otherwise will greatly stain the reputation of the Premier League and the UK.

However, Hatice Cengiz, on behalf of the ‘Justice for Jamal’ campaign, has ramped up her legal campaign to halt the Newcastle buyout.

My statement urging @premierleague to intervene to stop the takeover of @NUFC and keep MBS away from sports in the UK. Doing otherwise, will greatly stain the reputation of The Premiere League and the UK. #nufctakover #NUFC #JusticeForJamal

— Hatice Cengiz / خديجة (@mercan_resifi) April 24, 2020


Rodney Dixon QC writes to the Premier League

Rodney Dixon QC, who represents the Temple Garden Chambers, has released a letter which he’s sent the Premier League in an attempt to stop the St James’ Park takeover, which reads:

Ms Cengiz urges you and the board of the Premier League to take all necessary steps to prevent this takeover from happening. It is undoubtedly the right, proper and lawful action for you and the Premier League to take, especially in light of the ruthless killing of Ms Cengiz’s fiancé.

There should be no place in the Premier League, and English football, for anyone involved in such abhorrent acts. It would be contrary to the letter and the spirit of the Premier League Chairmen’s Charter and the Rules of the Premier League, and the fundamental and honourable principles upon which they are based.

The standing of both the Premiership and English football in general would be tarnished by your connection with those who commit the most appalling crimes and then seek to whitewash them, and who seek to use English football as a way of improving their image and hiding their transgressions.

“The proposed acquisition is … an attempt to evade justice and international scrutiny for an unconscionable act.” Lawyers for @mercan_resifi, fiancee of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, write to the Premier League urging them to block the sale of @NUFC.

— James Montague (@JamesPiotr) April 28, 2020


Who is Rodney Dixon QC?

Some football fans may have read Rodney Dixon QC’s name before.

He’s previously gone up against FIFA in the case of a Sudanese man who was imprisoned in the UAE for the wrong choice of football shirt.

As reported by the Guardian back in 2019:

Ali Issa Ahmad, 26, a security guard, says he was arrested, interrogated and detained while on holiday in UAE after watching an Asian Cup football match in January (2019).

He says that during his detention he was beaten, electrocuted, cut and burned and questioned repeatedly about why he was wearing a Qatari football shirt in UAE.

The Premier League is already one of the crucibles for Gulf disputes to play out. It will be more of one when this thing goes through. Fit and proper.

— tariq panja (@tariqpanja) April 28, 2020


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