The mega-wealthy Ortega family have made an offer to buy Manchester United, according to Radio El Fuego.

The Catalonian sports radio station tweeted the news yesterday evening, claiming that it came from ‘a very reliable source’.


We are hearing from a very reliable source that the owners of Man Utd have an offer from the Spanish Ortega family! Amancio Ortega and his daughter Sandra Ortega believe that it is the perfect time to buy the club. #MUFC

— Radio el Fuego (@RadioelFuego1) August 28, 2020

The family certainly would have the funds to buy the club. They are the wealthiest family in Europe and the fifth wealthiest in the world, with an estimated net worth of $73 billion.

The dynasty is headed by 84-year-old Amancio Ortega, ‘chairman of Inditex, and co-founder of Zara, sixth richest person in the world and formerly the richest’, according to Wikipedia.

However, they are not known for investing in sports and the initial reaction to the news on social media is one of scepticism.

‘What are the chances of a radio station … breaking a story of takeover of one of the biggest teams in the world? 0%’ said one fan.

‘A few days ago another Catalan media outlet, nobody remembers, confirmed Messi to United. We are suffering deluded fools’ said another.

‘Ortega family: we know the rumours that you want to buy our club are false, but if you could make them true you will make all Manchester United fans happy.’

After another frustrating transfer window which so far has seen the Red Devils make no signings, fans are desperate to see the club change hands.

The idea of it falling under European ownership backed by almost endless capital is therefore an extremely exciting one, but it seems unlikely that Radio El Fuego’s source is accurate and that the Spanish family have indeed made an offer to the Glazers.

Desperation as United fan = Google Ortega family….then search Radio el Fuego..what are the chances of a radio station in Sacramento, California breaking a story of takeover of one of the biggest teams in the world = 0% ah stuck with Glazers then still wins a prize 4 originality

— Daniel Layton (@Phate911) August 28, 2020

Radio el fuego afirma que Amancio Ortega, está interesado en comprar ya al United.
‘Radio el Fuego’ suena a Regueton en las playas de mi pueblo.

Hace unos días otro medio Catalán, que ya nadie recuerda, afirmaba lo de Messi al United.

Somos tontos ilusionados sufriendo.#MUFC

— FreddyCapitán🔴ADNFerguson (@ADNFerguson) August 28, 2020

La famille Ortega, on sait que les rumeurs disant que vous voulez racheter notre club sont fausses, mais si vous pouviez faire en sorte que ce soit vrai, vous rendrez tous les fans de Manchester United heureux 😊

— ToMlCs (@MlcsUtd) August 28, 2020

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