IFF says clubs ‘cannot be sanctioned’

In what could be a sigh of relief for not just Italian clubs but clubs of all the 12 founders of the now seemingly dead Super League proposal, the Italian Football Federation’s president Gabriele Gravina has said they cannot sanction the teams.

His belief is that because nothing came of the proposal, there is nothing to be sanctioned.

“We have strongly defended the boundaries of the values and rules of the world of football,” Gravina said.

taly v USA - International Friendly

GENK, BELGIUM – NOVEMBER 20: Italy fans hold a flag during the friendly match between Italy and Usa played at Luminus Arena on November 20, 2018 in Genk, Belgium. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

“It seems to me that everything is back to normal, but it must make us reflect on the fact that something is not working.

“It’s a stimulus,” he continued. “Remedies and proposals are needed to prevent further escapes going forward.

“I have no scheduled meetings with the top management of the three clubs, on Monday there will be the federal council, but no forms of trials or sentences are planned.

“An idea that has not materialised cannot be sanctioned. If in the future, projects in contrast with the statutory norms should materialise, the bodies of justice will evaluate.”

UEFA could still sanction

Gravina’s words come in close proximity to a UEFA vice president claiming that further consequences could still be sanctioned.

UEFA says the 12 founding ESL clubs WILL face consequences, the first will be “they will live with shame” with proper sanctions to come, the Vice President confirms. Several big clubs are asking the UEFA for sanctions for the 12.

— Mohamed Bouhafsi (@mohamedbouhafsi) April 21, 2021

With 5 of the 8 teams left in the Champions League and Europa League, possible bans from competitions are an option. Although that would not e possible this season.

A nervy period of patience awaits the clubs to see what the further fallout will be.

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