Ugly scenes at Old Trafford

English football has seen a number of protests in response to the Super League proposals which began more than a week ago now.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United fans have all protested in response.

There were also protests at Elland Road on the eve of the game between Leeds United and Liverpool which the 101 team attended to speak with fans regarding their thoughts on the proposals.

However, Sunday’s United protest saw things take a dark turn.

Fans stormed the ground and entered the pitch, whilst the majority of fans used the opportunity to simply further their protests with chants, some took it too far.

Flares were thrown into the ground, others decided to take footballs onto the pitch for a kickabout and sadly security staff were even injured.

Manchester United fans have clashed with police outside Old Trafford during protests against the club’s owners.


— Sky News (@SkyNews) May 2, 2021

Video I shot outside Old Trafford earlier. It starts with clashes between fans and police

— Rob Harris (@RobHarris) May 2, 2021

Footage of some damaging camera equipment even came to light.

More from Old Trafford.

— Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) May 2, 2021

An image has also surfaced of Gary Neville fist bumping one of the supporters who had broken into the ground.

Gary Neville fist-bumping protesting Manchester United fans inside Old Trafford. #GlazersOut

— United Update (@UnitedsUpdate) May 2, 2021

Glazers to ban supporters

There could be massive repercussions for those supporters found guilty of some of the above actions.

The Guardian reports that the club will be assessing footage to identify those who damaged equipment or threw flares etc and could ban them from the stadium.

In the wake of the protest United will review security arrangements and consider banning fans responsible for criminality, with the club denying a gate was opened by a staff member to allow entry to the stadium.

United released a statement to clarify further the report stating protesters were ‘let in.’

“Reports in mainstream and social media that protesters were able to access the stadium and pitch via a gate opened by club staff are completely incorrect,” United said.

“After breaking through barriers and security on the forecourt, some protestors climbed the gates at the end of the Munich tunnel, then forced access to a side door in the stand, before opening an external door that let others through to the concourse area and the pitch.

“A second breach occurred when a protestor smashed the door of a disability access lift, enabling a group to enter the stand.”

With more protests planned, this is a story 101 will continually keep you updated upon.

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